Friday, May 4, 2012

wedding trends that you wish would go away.

as a person who *tries* to keep up with the latest wedding trends, there are definitely a few I would LOVE to see go away. some, like mustaches, I just never understood. others have just plain worn out their welcome. here are my top 4!

seriously. mustaches are not funny, or cute, or anything but creepy.

 I've seen enough yellow and gray weddings to last me until the second coming of Christ. 

ever seen the video " put a bird on it?" then educate yourself: 

  the word bird could be easily replaced with banner. banners are everywhere. 
Not sure what to fill that empty space with? put a banner on it!

don't get me wrong. I love me some vintage and always will, but doing an over-the-top vintage 
wedding these days lacks originality in my opinion. start thinking outside of the box again, brides!

 what are some of your least favorite wedding trends that you'd like to see go away?

1 comment:

kawaii kisses said...

any and everything chevron.
When I clicked on your blog and say the moustache, I thought "oh, no"....

Thank goodness I kept reading ;)