Monday, November 28, 2011

What I'm working on: Honeycomb Events front Page

In tandem with Squidlimbs Design, I am now working on front page website design for businesses! 
I am so excited about it. Today I finished up some preliminary designs for a wedding vendor, 
Honeycomb Events & Design. Here is my favorite variation: 


the large gallery image will rotate and the blog image will update with every blog post.  
here is the other variation I came up with: 

i really love this variant as well, but I think the first is more dynamic. which one will the client choose?!

all photos are courtesy of photography by Tessie.


Megan said...

They're both beautiful but the first one made me gasp out loud. So so SO pretty! Great work!

Honeycomb Events & Design said...

This is Jennifer from Honeycomb! We LOOOOVE the first one! It's genius!

Sara said...

Hi Alaina! Love the site design, I just have a quick question. When you design the site, do you get into the HTML formatting too or do you have someone help you with that?

Thanks so much!

P.s I've been following your blog every so often the past year and I love it! Being a graphic design/advertising student I find your work/posts really inspiring.

Alaina said...

Hi Sara, I actually do have someone else do the coding/html part. I'm really clueless on it! thanks for your kind words :)