Monday, December 3, 2012

Personalized gifts from Minted

I posted last week about the great cyber monday deals going on at Minted. Well, they just recently  launched their new and improved calendar designs! I always love it when they launch something new at Minted -- they're almost always sure to be a huge hit.

I think these calendars make such swell gifts. What amazes me is how customizable they are -- you can add text to any day of the year ( Dad's Birthday, for example), add multiple photos, and convert your photos to grayscale right there while customizing! Never fear, if your photo looks kind of sad in color, rest assure it probably looks pretty nice in black&white :)

Here's a couple of my favorites, as well as some calendar pages I customized for myself!

I chose to customize 'fine and fair' which was designed by Up Up Creative. They come in two sizes, but personally, I prefer the smaller one for $29. If that price seems a bit steep, not to worry, Minted almost always has SOME kind of deals or discounts going on!


pinkfrosting_xo said...

Really cool :)

Kathy Thompson said...

Modern weddings have been made much special upto now, and with all the current development with all the sound systems, it's still sweeter to have your own custom wedding songs personalized just for you.