Tuesday, February 28, 2012

what I've been working on lately

so recently I've had to opportunity to work with some AWESOME people on some AWESOME wedding invites. the couples' styles were so up my alley -- fun, whimsical, and lighthearted. I've also been inspired lately to do illustrative work to sell as prints.

 the couple mentioned their dog, rubber ducks, music, and long-eared animals as a few inspirational items. I also played off their names " fran and ann" since they shared so many letters in common.
grow your own food print for sale on etsy
 the bride mentioned being a harry potter fan and her fiance being a batman fan. of course, I had to incorporate this somehow! it worked out perfectly. we also played off an inside joke that was shared between the couple and their guests -- which was having to change their wedding date.

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