Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wedding Trend: Craspedia

Craspedia, or more widely known as billy button or billy ball, is slowly making itself known in the wedding world. When my husband and I were married more than two and a half years ago, I would have died to get my hands on some to decorate our reception tables. My florist was unable to get them (I'm from the middle of nowhere)  so, my creativity was very stifled in that department. 

Craspedia is amazing because it's just as beautiful dried as it is fresh. You don't have to worry about them wilting or the petals getting damaged (because they don't have any, of course), and they don't need water. You can wear them in your hair, in a bouquet, in a boutonniere, put it on your guestbook pen, or glue them to a foam craft ball and make a pomander for your bridesmaids. Because it's so versatile and hardy, it's a great bloom to use for the DIY bride, not to mention they last forever!

Credits (from top):
1. Groom Kyle   2. Yellow Orb by alaina cherup  3. thetreasuredpetal via green wedding shoes blog  4. floresdelsol on etsy  5. rebekah rice on flickr  6.  7. thetreasuredpetal on etsy  8. jennypennyvintage on etsy  9.  invitation designed by cheer up cherup


CinnamonAndSass said...

Totally awesome. I love these!

AK said...

Your work is quite inspiring. I'd love to read more on what tools you use, your process, how you got into this field, and any tips you might have for people trying to get into this.

Again, very inspirational.

unfortunately I haven't read back in your posts to the beginning so forgive me if you have gone over any/all of this and I haven't run into it yet.

Alaina said...

thanks for the compliments!

I've never posted anything about how I got started/my process/tools/tips but it's something I'll definitely consider or future posts!