Thursday, May 26, 2011

In Detail: My Design Process

In the past I've had some interest in how I go about producing my custom designs and how I gain inspiration. I would love to share my process and how a custom design goes from start to finish.

Recently a bride contacted me about doing custom invitations for her vintage New Orleans wedding. I always request that brides send me lots of inspiration imagery. Above is the inspiration board she pulled together for me.

 I always like to go a little further and pull my own inspiration board together based on the details the bride has given me. Here were a few things that inspired the invitation design:

1950's style
19th century design/typography/advertisements
57 chevy (the groom's contribution)
colors: red and seafoam
vintage new orleans signage
sazerac rye

this was particularly challenging because I had to mesh 19th century style with 1950's style, and throw in a car somewhere. I've certainly learned a lot about mixing the styles of different eras. Here is the final design for the invitation, reply card, and welcome party invitation:

the car illustration is my pride and joy. another fun detail in the invitation is that we pulled the fonts from the "Sazerac" logo (see first board in the middle with the glasses) and used them in different places  -- "october eighth" " new orleans" and "august first" all use this unique looking font. here it is in more detail:

I love using little details that only the bride and groom know their significance. in this case, the fonts used are reminiscent of a New Orleans originated cocktail. The guests may not notice, but it makes the invitation that much more special.


Lauren | Palm Papers said...

Really enjoy getting to see your process. Love what you ended up with!

Emily said...

Looks awesome! I love the color palette especially.

Alaina said...

thanks ladies! Em I loved the color palette too.

Lauren this was the invitation I needed the 57 chevy illustration for... luckily it turned out ok in the end illustrating it myself.

Meredith said...

this is the coolest thing EVER- thank you for sharing!