Thursday, August 26, 2010

wedding theme: Alice in Wonderland

a friend of mine was brave enough to ask my advice for her wedding theme. She loves eclectic vintage, so my initial thought was Alice in Wonderland. There are lots of symbols from the book/movie that can be used for a vintage theme: teapots, books, keys, roses. My friend liked the idea, especially since it would allow her to get away with anything weird or eccentric she might come up with down the road (because what is more eccentric than alice in wonderland?)

I've been doing some concepting for the invitations that include a skeleton key and heart design, with a decayed looking paper background. I really love how it's coming along. I haven't decided on what fonts will look best. Here are a few "Alice" inspiration images I have been looking to:


Melissa said...

I love it! Your designs are great:)

Sara H said...

I love your style! Where do you find your inspiration images?

Alaina said...


thanks! most of these images are from wedding blogs -- style me pretty, 100 layer cake, wedding chicks and green wedding shoes, I believe.