Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Baby! Part 1

 I recently was commissioned by my sister to create her baby shower invites. She is decorating the baby's room with vintage godzilla, king kong, and superhero posters, so I thought it only appropriate to do her shower invite along the same theme. I give you, baby godzilla. 

this was my first stab at any type of reptile illustration, so, I supposed it's not horrible. I wanted it to resemble Godzilla of course, but minus the violence and destruction part. Her shower will be dinosaur themed, and Etsy is the perfect place to find favors and decor to match!

I'm still looking for ideas, so any suggestions are welcome! I've already got an idea involving deviled eggs. We'd call 'em dino eggs, and we could add blue food coloring to the filling and maybe do some sort of strange topping so it looks speckled like a dinosaur egg. I'm also thinking I'll make some cupcake toppers myself. If you are curious on how to make them yourself, I found a pretty simple tutorial here


Nicole-Lynn said...

Those are adorable! Love the cookies too :)

Nicole said...

Thank you for your sweet comment :) Hope you have a graet week! :)