Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What I'm working on today: Venn Diagram Save-the-Date

Sometimes I wonder how I stumble across these crazy ideas. I'm by no means narcissistic but I am in love with this save-the-date! I'm torn on exactly what wording to use. right now they say:

figure 1. better together
figure 1. love knows no rules

I guess because scientifically the diagram doesn't make sense, I thought it would be sort of cheeky to add "love knows no rules"  or "love defies all laws" but I'm not sure if that translates quite right. Anywho, if you have any suggestions on wording, feel free to throw them my way!


Kristin said...

oh wow. i love both. love the concept. here are my thoughts.

i like the colors in number two better and the texture you used when the colors combine....but i like the 'better together' saying because the diagram makes perfect me. Maybe not to the traditional folk, but if you have brides purchasing your stationary and such, that means they are having a wedding suitable for the modern eclectic taste..which means it will make perfect sense to them, too. :)

hehe how about 'two colors to one to become plum' :D

ps send me in that tacky christmas house!

Alaina Cherup said...

that seems to be the consensus. I know this definitely won't appeal to the traditionalists but there are lots of couples who would love least that's what I'm banking on... thanks for the input!