Thursday, February 5, 2009

A few of my favorite chairs

When searching for furniture, It's hard to find something that is unique and affordable at the same time. Lucky for me that Target has come out with new armchairs in several "vintage modern" designs. This one is my favorite, and relatively affordable at 429.00 dollars.

Here is a pretty moroccan patterned chair in a grassy-green. This one you can snag for 849.00 dollars from pottery barn

Another one of my favorites has a unique felted applique design from sprucehome, on etsy. This one tops the list at 2,000 dollars.

A few other places I like to shop for furniture:

crate & barrel

If you are thinking about tackling a reupholstering project yourself, you can make your own custom fabrics at spoonflower

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jannypie said...

i agree, i am hoping to put one of these in my bedroom!

also for valentines day i am letting all my favorite bloggers know that i enjoy subscribing to their blog, and want to say thank you for bringing such great ideas to me!!
happy valentine's day!
(here is a little image too