Monday, December 7, 2009

Happy Holidays from the Cherups

This year I started a new tradition. Since I don't have any seniority on the vacation schedule where I am employed, I more or less never get a chance to take any time off around the holidays. Yes, it's awful. So this year I decided to take a few days off in early december to get my Christmas shopping done, bake cookies, and other festive things.

Today I baked cookies It was so much fun. Tomorrow I'm planning on doing a bit of shopping. This past weekend my husband and I went and got our Christmas tree and spent Sunday evening decorating it and our living room....

the first bulb.. of course it's ohio state colors.

the amazing stockings I bought from etsy seller ahnaholder

Turkleton quickly takes interest in his new best friend

i bought this wreath thinking I would add some faux berries to it or something. But I think it's pretty beautiful just like it is, don't you?

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Kristin said...

what a lovely christmas decor!