Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Recent Etsy Purchases

My most recent etsy purchases! I'm making it a point to try and do as much holiday shopping as I can on etsy this year. so far, so good.

No need to thank me, Etsy. All in a hard day's work of online shopping...

1. Scrabble Pillow Cover from pillowhappy
30.00 for one or 60.00 for set of 2
This was featured on the etsy front page today, I knew I had to buy it for a scrabble-loving friend of mine...

2. Sterling Hebrew Stamped Cuff from underhercharm
I loved this the moment i saw it! Since its not christmas yet, you have to guess who I bought this one for, don't want to give it away!

3. Sleeping Boxer Print from ToxicGuineaPigs
9.00 for an 8x10 print
I bought this to hang in my new office. I could even customize the color!

4. Noir Blossoming Flower Coasters from rubypress
9.00 for a set of 8
I bought these as a birthday present for my sister. Very affordable and they really do make a great gift.

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